Thinking of commissioning an 'Original Piece of Art'?

Commission an original, Sculptural Glass Wall Art, made as a set of panels, Triptych, or Large bowl. This ensures that you’ll be buying artwork that no-one else will have!

Personalised Gifts, made for a Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Hanukah or for someone special.

Each wall-hung panel, Triptych or Bowl is hand-made, sculptural and signed on the back by the Artist. You can even choose the colour combinations, and theme.

How to do this with no worries!

Step 1. Design
During your consultation with Judith, you can discuss the colours, themes and design ideas that you would like incorporated into your glass art panel(s). Anything imaginable is available as glass art.

Check out our website pages for ideas.

Step 2. Before the first Kiln firing
A 25% deposit is taken and the work starts. (2-3 week making & delivery).
First I make a prototype. At this time you can come to the studio to see it before it is fired. Then it is kiln fired, in layers, cooled for 10 hours, cleaned and polished.

Step 3. Pre shipping or pick up
After it is fired I will take photo of it and send it to you, or you can come to the studio. Then it’s ready for pick-up or professional packing and shipping (extra cost - POA) and hanging, each panel comes with two fixings).

One-of-a-kind Signed & Certified Glass Art

Each sculptural panel of glass made, is signed on the back and has its own character once it comes out of the kiln. Additionally, if it is a gift, upon request, I will make a Certificate of Authenticity for you, with the Title, method of making and giver and receiver names on it.
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    I only use “Bullseye Art Glass” and compatible inclusions in my designs! Bullseye Art Glass is the industry standard for Kiln formed Glass, Stained Glass, and Pate de Vere”. Bullseye makes more forms and colours of opaque and transparent glass and are all compatible. Additionally all bowls and Plates are food safe. (Please Note: I do not use Float Glass (Window Glass).
    Judith Menges

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s available in design?
  • Have an Image you want reproduced in Glass?
  • What forms can I have the original glass made in?
  • What colour combinations are available in Glass mediums?
  • Is each piece exclusive?
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See the website for ideas: There are unlimited amount of images available. Plus anything imaginable is available as glass art.
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Do you have an image you took? I can make most images into sculptural Glass Wall-panel or bowls. See this example below. The clientt's image of the moon was made into a Large Glass Bowl, his son added the dichroic, and so we named it Connor’s Moon.
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They can be made as a set of images, a single panel, Triptych or large Glass Art Bowl. (The planets are 400 mm round and can be attached to a Dark or white background. The largest single piece of rolled glass is 900 x 400 POA.
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Colours Are Important. I exclusively use Bullseye Art Glass; the industry standard for Kiln formed and Stained Glass Projects. Additionally, Bullseye produces more colours and forms of art glass than any other manufacturer + Transparent and Opaque’s glass. Additionally, I always add colour changing dichroic glass colours to make the glass 3 identical.
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Absolutely – 1/1! Each of Judith’s work is made with a different view and/or colour combination, or can be inspired by your own photographs or images. Each, glass art work, is signed on the back by the artist and if requested, will come with a certificate of Authenticity.
If you like an image already on Judith’s website, Judith will work with you to produce a new, different sculptural Panel or Bowl.

For more information contact Judith:

All images & work © Judith Menges.