“A Play of Light & Colour on your Walls”

Glass is like no other medium, used to make images, because of it’s reflective qualities, it can be made to be transparent, opaque, colour changing & produce colours in light, that no other medium can produce. Additionally, because of the firing temperatures & colour combinations used each piece will be a one-off & unique to you. 

Judith Menges bespoke glass art designs

'Glass: a three dimensional, unique variation to the traditional idea of a picture'.

Judith’s on-going experimentations with new glass techniques and textures, has led her into producing an innovative and sculptural range of wall hanging and functional kiln-formed Glass Art.
All of Judith’s glass art designs are unique, since the nature of the kiln, glass colours and inclusions ensure that no two pieces are alike.

Please feel free to contact her if you would like a specific theme, design or colour.

For more information contact Judith: Judi.am18@gmail.com

All images & work © Judith Menges.